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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sharpening Your Garden Tools

I am starting a series on Garden Tools, how long this takes depends on my allergies.

 Since turning to things natural, when ever I come across chemicals and perfumes (stinky chemicals) my allergies re-act in an ugly />
 Long story short, my daughter gets nosebleeds when the house gets dusty or I use chemicals to clean. I have been using Vinegar as my primary cleaner, and when in the kitchen and need extra disinfectant action I use Vinegar and Peroxide.   This time it was the body wash and lotion my daughter (same daughter) got for Christmas.  Going Natural has its benefits, but come on people let's stop killing each other with stinky stuff.....

To start off the series I am going to list some links to articles and videos about sharpening and caring for your tools.  I'll get more into care and repair later, but some of these are combined so if I double link, please forgive me.

NOTE: although I am passing these links on, know that I have scanned or watched these links quickly as I need to get back into bed  (OH how I wish it was the garden bed).  If there are problems or concerns, please leave me a comment.  I will get to it soon, but leaving a comment may just stop someone else from having the same problem so check comments before you go to the links.

Cleaning Your Garden Tools from Gardeners Reach.
How to Sharpen Tools and Daniel Boone's How to Sharpen Your Ax
How to Sharpen Garden Tools
A video for you. If you watch on YouTube you will see more how to videos.

Happy Gardening,

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