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Friday, December 4, 2009

Using Time Wisely

It's late Autumn, and Winter is on it's way. El Paso had snow yesterday, and those south of us got some flurries and ice, we were too far north if you can believe it.....

What are you doing in your garden and for your garden this Fall & Winter? I have been devouring books on working smarter NOT harder. Getting up with the sun and back in the house before 10:00 AM is getting harder and harder for me to do. It just gets to hot and humid here and if I am sweating I want to be in the pool while doing it. Some of the books I checked out from the Public Library & read are, Mel Barthalomew's "Square Foot Gardening", Louise Riotte's "Carrots Love Tomatoes" & "Roses Love Garlic" (finishing this one now). On my list to read are "The Organic Gardener's Home Reference" by Tanya Denckla & "Companion Planting" by Richard Bird. The Organic Gardener's Home Reference and Square Foot Gardening have moved to my "To Buy" list, along with "Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening". If you are looking for a quick and easy reference guide for Companion Planting then Tanya Denckla's book is the way to go, it even has a section for you to write notes in, that alone is worth purchasing it. Another is by a young lady Olivia, from Teaching Good Things, "How to Grow and Use Culinary Herbs". This one is an ebook so you don't have to wait for it, you don't even have to get dressed, you can order it in your PJ's and sit and sip herbal tea, or hot cocoa, while you snuggle by the fire with a warm snuggly blanket, or loved one, and devour this book. I'll be honest, I have not read this book yet, but I have had the priviledge of "meeting" this family online and even joined them this summer in their Gardening Challenge. I love the way they work together, and also share their resourcefullness. As you will see from the video below, their children are very resourseful; writing their own books, planting their own garden and so much more.
Click here to view more details * I also have a DVD on my "To Buy" list, one is by the Garden Girl, Patti Moreno (see video tool bar to left) from
Maybe I should be putting all of these on my wish list, or my Christmas list, but in all honestly I would have more luck putting them on my "To Buy" list, rolling up my sleeves, and using good old fashioned elbow grease to gift them to myself.
See ya soon,


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