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Yes, the picture of the lizard is one I took, see the butterfly wings sticking out of his mouth?

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

A Lizard eating breakfast in my Morning Glories.

I know that I shared this last picture on Wordless Wednesday, but I wanted to put the whole series in. I had stopped to look at my Morning Glories about 6 weeks ago (they are DEAD now) and saw a movement. I knew there was a lizard living in them, I had seen him before. My eye caught him just in time to see him swallow a small butterfly, amazing!!! I reached into my purse, quietly, and pulled out my phone and started snapping pictures. I gradually inched closer and the last picture is of him looking at me-how cool is that?!?! My husband walked up and saw him and just as he got his phone ready, the poor little guy took off.


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