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Yes, the picture of the lizard is one I took, see the butterfly wings sticking out of his mouth?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last week of May

Once again the original garden, see my Sarah at the opposite corner? Squint & look very hard. See the taters? MMMMMM, we peeked, won't be long now..... I am trying to figure out what to put there when we pull them up, blue pumpkins maybe.... This is one of our expansions, our lettuce, tomatoes and peppers, see Sarah?
The expansion and original garden.... See Sarah?
Opposite corner.......Don't bother, you can't find her.
Next corner, Sarah is to the right of the pole.... This includes the melon patch we added.
Opposite corner, I promise, she is there this time she is waving.....
Melon patch...
Adding a few rows........
Soon to be chicken yard. Luke, Sarah & I cleared this this week. We moved some siding (free) we will be using for a storage building/slaughter house (yep, we love chickens & rabbits here) and cleared some vines and weeds. I found several wild roses growing along the fence line and left those, along with the wild blackberries (after we picked them clean mmmmmmm). The honeysuckle is taking over the fence, we are having to clear most of it because it is also climbing and choking our trees. I am leaving some of it so I can train it to run the fence. I am looking for a honeysuckle jelly recipe.....
Added 3 rows for corn....


Marni June 16, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

I like the Find Sarah game.
Great garden!

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