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Yes, the picture of the lizard is one I took, see the butterfly wings sticking out of his mouth?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is a corner to corner view of the big garden. You can see my Romaine on the bottom left, strawberies in the center and the upright shelves are where the corner of last years garden was. Between the lettuce & strawberries are our Tomatoes.
The former corner of our garden. The metal shelves are from a job my husband did, read down a few posts. We used these last year for our cucumbers with great success. This year we are using them for cukes, spaghetti squash, and just about anything that climbs.
Opposite corner. These little green things are peas; purple hull, zipper cream, small cream and english peas.
Another corner to corner view, I could not get the opposite view of this corner, all I could see was a big orange ball in the sky. At the far right of this picture is where our sweet corn will be. I had to add 4 more rows back to this.
This is a view to the left of the previous shot. We will put our melons here.
Tomatoes & peppers, see the romaine to the top left?
What we have built of my strawberry tower. The pieces on the inside are just there to hold the dirt in case of rain. I had to get these in and was low on dirt, we have mostly clay, so it was a rush job. My granson helped me, well I planted & he dug them up. He helped me haul them in the wheel barrel, I helped me push the tiller. I may have not had to spend as much time doing this, but we made a memory, & he had fun. We are aslo passing on a very important lesson, how to live off the land & feed your family.
My husband insisted I put a picture of the beans & peas, if you look real hard you might just see a beet to the bottom left.
Hubby's pride & joy, broccoli.
Spaghetti Squash a week ago. This week,
See how the vines just climb up the shelves? We wondered what to do with those shelves when we brought them home.......


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